Welcome to Freshflex Global           

We design, market, manufacture, source, and deliver products for  product manufacturers and retailers around the world. 

In the past 25 years we have built up a team of highly skilled manufacturers in plastics, injection molding, wood, wire, and metal fabrication. Regardless if the project is small or large our platform is designed to negotiate the best pricing for our clients.

Our recent mergers have driven us forward into a new cloud based computing platform. Our leap forward into automation manufacturing has helped us be more cost effective and .

We are always looking for opportunities to serve the retail industry

Call Center: 470-387-1916   Email: FreshflexGlobal@gmail.com


 Please sign up now for our share the profits program.  

Supporting IDIP Program (Independent Designers and Industrial Engineers) where we share in the profits.

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 China, Mexico, Tiawan, United States, Hong  Kong, Canada, Italy